Monday, 24 January 2011

A much-anticipated purchase from The Organic Pharmacy

So I finally splashed out on a product that I've been wanting to try for a long time. It is a cleanser made by The Organic Pharmacy and just the name makes me want to slather it all over my face (or even my toast)...Carrot Butter. Yum!

Flowers (and carrots!) for your face

Ironically, I discovered the Organic Pharmacy because of M.A.C, as they have a branch right next to the M.A.C store in Covent Garden. I noticed it about a year ago and I popped in just to satisfy my curiousity. Being a bit of a clean freak, I found the interior of the store a delight. It is an immaculate, even slightly futuristic pharmacy. The products are displayed in their own little white box shelves, with minimalist packaging. On that first visit I was helped out by a lovely woman who spent ages answering my questions and filling me in on the company, its ethics and its philosophy. I tried out a few things, but by far the product that excited me the most was their Carrot Butter Cleanser. I think the reason this product caught my attention was because I regularly used Ultrabland cleanser by Lush, but I was unhappy because it contains parabens (not-nice-for-the-environment-or-animals preservatives).

So I bit the bullet and bought some a few days ago. It is not cheap at £32.95 a pop, but when you consider the beautfiul, superior quality ingredients that it is composed of, it seems a fair price to pay. For your money you get 75ml which is quite a lot, and you only need to use a pea sized amount.

My first impression on opening the Carrot Butter Cleanser was its amazing fragrance. It smells almost medicinal, and that is because of the Calendula which has antiseptic and healing properties. I applied a small amount to my face using my fingers, and it easily melted to cover my whole face. Just a few gentle circles with my fingers loosened all my eye makeup. I gave my face a good massage and then wiped it off with a muslin cloth dampened with warm water as instructed. I really like the feeling of the cloth, as it is slightly textured, and it really leaves your skin feeling uber-cleansed. I have very dry skin, especially now in the winter, and after using this cleanser my skin felt smooth and flexible with none of that dried-out stretchy after-effect that so many cleansers seem to have. It is packed with carrot and rosemary which have antioxidant properties to protect your skin from free-radical damage, as well as St John's Wort which actually helps your skin to heal and regenerate. I would say this cleanser is particularly amazing for dry, sensitive and / or mature skins, although it is suitable for all skin types.

Here is the list of ingredients, which are conveniently hyperlinked to their excellent ingredients library, so you can click on the ingredient to view its description. Most comprehensive!

My verdict is that this cleanser is just sublime. I am going to make it a staple product for myself and for my clients. The quality of what you put on your skin daily is so important, and avoiding harsh cleansers is imperative when working to achieve flawless makeup results.

I am also so very impressed with The Organic Pharmacy as a company. It was founded by Margo Marrone, herself a pharmacist. She created the products herself utilising her extensive pharmaceutical experience and passion for natural, herbal remedies. There is definitely no animal testing in any phase of their product development. The company is family run, so it has no affiliations with 'Big Brand Baddies'.  I have found the staff across various branchees to be cheerful, helpful and fully knowlegeable about what they are selling.

The Organic Pharmacy's website is a treasure trove of information and I would really recommend that you have a browse. I have learnt a lot from it and often refer back to it for general natural healthcare information. There is a lot of info about toxins and carcinogens, where they come from, what effects they have on your body and how to avoid them. There is also a blog and you can get advice from their team of experts.

And they have a makeup line!!! Of course I will be blogging about that soon. In the meantime, click the logo below and prepare to be impressed:

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