Thursday, 6 January 2011

Say "NO!" to Mini-furs

As an ethically aware person I would never buy a fur coat. The vintage debate still rages, but I steer clear of all fur because it just makes me nauseous. So how is it possible, then, that for years I have been purchasing a selection of squirrel pelts, horse pelts, mink pelts, goat pelts and badger pelts? I’m talking about makeup brushes guys. An animal-hair makeup brush is a mini-fur and there is no getting away from it. Most of the hair used to manufacture makeup brushes comes from fur pelt. Whenever you buy a hair makeup brush you are supporting the fur industry.

There are now so many synthetic alternatives to fur in fashion and in makeup that there really is no excuse for supporting this abominably cruel industry. In the past, synthetic brushes were only suitable for applying liquid makeup, but synthetic hair manufacturing technology has improved by leaps and bounds so this is no longer an issue. I have a range of synthetic brush brands, but I just want to talk about one brand today.

Ecotools brushes are spectacular and spectacularly cheap! I bought the 5-piece brush set for the princely price of £15.31 ( The kit contains:

Power / blush brush
Mini-foundation brush
Concealer brush
Angled liner brush
Eyebrow groomer

This is all packaged in a cute hemp travel case for your convenience.

Ecotools rules!

Since I bought these brushes three months ago I have been using them almost daily. They are so soft, yet incredibly durable. As a hygiene maniac, I wash my brushes (probably too vigorously!) after every job, and my eco-tools brushes are still as good as new. They also maintain their shape a lot better than hair brushes and they don’t shed, which is one of my pet hates. And, contrary to many claims in the makeup industry, I find they work brilliantly with powders. The angled liner brush has become one of my favourites for sculpting brows.

So come on darlings - out with the mini-furs!

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  1. I've read a lot of good reviews about Eco Tools and am waiting for them to go on sale, which they never seem to do!

    Brushes made by Everyday Minerals are also vegan and the quality, from what I've been told, is quite good as well