Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes...

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Sometimes it is easy to overlook a product simply because it is so much of a staple in your daily routine that you just take it for granted. So here is some feedback on my most overlooked product. I use it every day. It is so versatile – one of those products that have a multitude of uses, which makes it perfect for minimising what you carry around with you in your kit or handbag (or pocket!).

Created by one of the brands I have most faith in – Weleda – Calendula Weather Protection Cream was originally designed for babies. That is reassuring, as it is definitely going to be great for sensitive skins. I bought a tube of this gorgeous goo probably more than 6 months ago and to date I have used about an eighth of the tube. That is almost a whole 4 millilitres! In monetary terms that means I’ve used less than £1’s worth of the product! Ok, I’m getting carried away with my mediocre maths, but it still amazes me how far this product goes.

I use it everyday on my lips and on my hair. Lips and hair? Let me explain:

Just a miniscule drop on your fingertip will moisturise your lips for hours. It gives a slight sheen, but is gradually absorbed so the sheen does fade. It feels great so I like to reapply often, but that is not necessary.

An equally miniscule drop rubbed vigorously between the palms of your hands and applied sparingly to the surface of dry, styled hair will calm annoying frizz and flyaways. I have a frizz prone mop of undisciplined straw for hair, so I do use a little more on bad days. Go for less to start with and add more if required, otherwise you might get greasy roots (I’ve got the balance just right now).

I’ve also been known to pop some on my elbows, knees, heels, cuticles…anything dry will be softened beautifully by this cream. Another great tip is to apply it to your model’s lips after cleansing and moisturising. This will ensure that by the time you get to applying lipstick, his / her lips will be perfectly primed and flake-free. You can always blot before applying the lipstick to get rid of excess. Then, if you need a high-shine finish you can top the lipstick with another light layer of Calendula Cream…or for a gentle gloss finish mix a tiny bit in with your lipstick.

This is a product to experiment with. I’m sure I will be coming up with a multitude of alternative uses. I did once want to use it on a shoot to create high-shine on PVC, but annoyingly had forgotten to pack it on that occasion. That was the last time I made that mistake!

Maybe Weleda should run a competition to see who can come up with the most novel use for their Calendula Weather Protection cream…I may have to tweet that idea to @weleda!

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