Friday, 7 January 2011

The artist and the brand that gives me hope!

Sometimes an image captures the imagination, and when it does the event can feel almost spiritual. Elements, shapes and mood resonate with some part of the observer in such a way as to elicit an emotional response. That response can be so powerful as to be literally life changing.

This is the image that changed my career and consequently my life:

The artist is Alex Box. I say artist, as opposed to makeup artist, because her talent crosses many divides and it was her work as an installation artist that eventually evolved into makeup (you can read more background and a great interview with her here:

 Alex at work on a Rankin shoot

Taking makeup to the next level: Alex Box by Rankin

You can read about the launch of her book on Dazed Digital

Alex is now the artistic director of one of the most avant-garde makeup brands in existence. I started investigating Illamasqua with some trepidation, expecting there to be some big-brother company behind them with a history of animal and environmental abuses, but no! After months of digging, I have still come up with nothing. Illamasqua is truly cruelty-free with no secret affiliations. Dare I say M.A.C replacement?

My Illamasqua kit is currently in development and growing rapidly (the company does have a 40% discount for professionals, providing you give evidence of your work).

All the products I have used so far are of exceptional quality. Illamasqua is renowned for their vivid colours and the amazing colour payoff of their products (what you see really is what you get!). I have found their foundations to be some of the best I have used. The Illamasqua face powders blend so exquisitely that you can truly create convincing sculptural effects with ease. All the products are safe for use around the eye area and I have used the cream blushers to create extreme eye effects with excellent results. I also feel compelled to make special mention of their new midnight blue lipstick (aptly named Disciple, which I now am), and you can see it in action in some of the Illamasqua Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign that I've included here:

Fans of punk band The Damned will be enthralled to know that David Vanian is also on the art team for Illamasqua. This has to be the coolest makeup brand on earth! 

Presenting, Illamasqua: Makeup for your alter ego

Visit their flagship store and makeup school:

20 Beak Street
United Kingdom

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