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How about skincare for men? Are there any products out there – shaving foams and stuff that are cruelty free that you know of?

Weleda does a range of men’s facial care including shaving cream, shaving toner, after shave balm and moisturiser. I use Weleda skin care all the time and have only positive experiences with their skincare and haircare products. One thing that frustrated me when I first started buying Weleda was that there was no shaving cream for women. Then I spotted the men’s shaving cream and thought, why not? So I gave it a go (at £7.50 it didn’t break the bank) and now I’m near-religious about it. The 75ml tube has lasted for ages and it is very soothing, even on my sensitive armpits which are prone to itch at if they come near any kind of skincare product.

Weleda men's shaving cream can multitask!

In the UK, you can find Weleda in any Whole Foods store and I have seen it stocked in Waitrose. Personally I shop online as I love received presents in the post! I will be blogging soon with more indepth reviews of my favourite Weleda products.