Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Acid face peel in a cotton pad?

My quest (and here I am envisioning myself as a medieval knight fighting fire-breathing dragons) to create high-end makeup using cruelty-free brands inevitably leads to discovering more natural products. This is a good thing, in my opinion. Immediate beauty is false, covered up by layers of product. However, if you consistently apply high quality, natural products to the skin, logically and provably the condition of the skin improves. The great thing about improved skin is that less makeup is required to achieve a radiant result. There are other great things about improved skin, but this is a makeup blog, and healthy skin makes my life easier!

Something that I learnt during my foray into ‘natural’ skincare retail a few years ago was that your average cotton pad is laced with bleach. This is one of the few really useful things I learned, and it has stayed with me. Somehow, I just envision that bottle of toilet bleach in my mind’s eye, the chemical solution dripping off my eyelashes onto my delicate skin (this is an extreme exaggeration of course), and I think perhaps this is a great start to a new Hollywood horror movie. Alternatively, one could use unbleached cotton to cleanse one’s precious sebaceous surfaces…

Yes, unbleached cotton pads exist, and they are available on the high street. The ever innovative Muji stores stock fabulous unbleached cotton in perfectly sized squares. You can actually feel the texture of the natural cotton and see the cotton seeds in these pads. They are cheap as chips (and healthier), and you can be reassured that you are applying your 100% natural, cruelty-free toner or cleanser to your skin without cancelling out that wonderful effect with evil, synthetic bleach.

I’m stocking up, and here is all the info you need to do the same:

Muji Online with useful store-finder: http://www.muji.eu/



  1. Great tip! I do worry about bleached cotton products but didn't know Muji did these - will have to give them a shot.

  2. I never thought about that before! I've noticed the same issue with feminine products and always try to buy ones that aren't bleached or made with chlorine.


  3. Yeah, its so logical right? Who wants to put bleach on / inside themselves? What is most amazing is that the marketing is so clever and we are so brainwashed that we don't even think about how the product became so unnaturally white...hmmm...

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