Monday, 28 February 2011

Death by Hairspray with Charles of London

Saturday night with the team at Charles of London, in a few words: mayhem, madness, organised chaos, rebellion…a definite “if you don’t like it, what the fuck are you doing here?” attitude. It was pure punk, totally anti-establishment right down to the ripped tights and general nakedness…yes there was fashion, a lot of fashion, mostly falling fashionably so as to expose as much flesh as possible. From a makeup perspective, the only approach was to be ready for anything. Anything! Something prompted me before I left the house to chuck in my trusty roll of black PVC tape – boy, did that come in handy. Improvised crucifix nipple-pasties and facial bondage…I’m not going to bother with wordy illustrations, because there are lots of pictures for you to see below!

So besides the PVC tape, the two other things that came in most handy were my uber-cheap uber-plastic mass-produced-in-China lashes at ten pairs a box for a few quid (perfect for splashing out on lashing!) and my Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics black iron oxide pigment. Yes, vegan makeup went punk, as I mixed it with various different mediums (creams, liquids) to use as face paint, eyeliner, fake lash extender, lip-liner…it worked a treat and a little went a very, very long way. There were also a few Barry M glitter pots knocking about in my kit that saw the light of the night. And how could I forget my slick Illamasqua cream blusher in Libido (think bloodsucking vampire red)? Lips were mainly stuck together with duct tape – the perfect homemade ladies’ moustache wax!

Without further ado, then, here for your pleasure are lots of behind the scenes snaps of Charles of London runway prep at The Castle. All photos by Lucy Brown.

Click here for the Charles of London Website

Girls behaving badly...

...very badly...

...even Mark Charles is aghast! Tut, tut.

He kept this up for hours! 

I wish I'd stolen those boots while she was passed out...

Thanks to the amazing team at Freakartshow Collective, notably: Boro Young, Paulina Palian, Marta Wozniak (MUA), Marcio Abraao (MUA), Lucasz Wyzgol (Hair)…and huge thanks to Mark Charles and team for a most memorable runway!

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